What do you do on the trip to a competition?

To pass the time I play video games:D DS to be specific.

Hi All!!

Well, us Team Overdrive members have some good stories of the time we’ve spent in the car going to competitions. We all drove from NJ to Atlanta last year, and one of the other students rode in our car. We used a power converter and set up a wireless network and played Age of Empires 3 all the way.

Also, on the way out to the Ohio regional the same student rode with us, and we did a similar thing. But I guess we plugged too many things in and we blew out a fuse. So we got a new fuse from another student on our team (Lowfategg to be exact), and we replaced the fuse over lunch. Then, about two hours later we burnt out that fuse as well.

Well, that’s my story. I’ll be interested to see what everyone else comes up with.

well personally on my drive to toronto from burlington just me and my dad in a little saturn, we made sure we had everything! read over the rules and it didnt take us that long to get there anywy

My friend and I played a mamooth game of crazy 8’s on a drive to Pittsburgh one time. The game took a few hours, and is actually somewhat annoying after a while. On the way to Pittsburgh, my team played Geography, because being robotics nerds is not enough.

I’m usually the driver X.X, but listening to music is great.

We sit in silence and think about the upcomming competition. After all, it’s only about ten minutes away.

lol, ours is about an hour in good traffic :rolleyes: but toronto traffic is never that great

Usually we prepare for the comp, we do some more auto code, work on scouting more. We also have a habit of writeing in our engineering notebook, spiffing it up you the fun stuff.

We hook up the gumecube and the ps2:D

Our team plays buttermilk (a game when if you say a word with the letter B in it, you must say the word buttermilk before someone punches or smacks you) It either really passes the time or keeps everyone in silence. Also we always bring one of the latest video game systems and play those in the hotel. This weekend we will have a 360 and PS2 (none of the team members owns a PS3). Oh and anyone traveling to the Tennesee regional PM me if you or your teammates would like to play games with us… The more the merrier!!!:smiley:

Lol I have to get up at 4 am.How do people play consoles in the car?

i sleep on the ride. we always leave at 4:30 in the moring and get thair at 7.:slight_smile:

you need a car adapter, and then usually vans have a flip down TV…or coach buses…then you just plug everything in

I do nothing, just sit there. We only have a 10min. trip.

I am familiar with the game but i’m used to calling it letter B.

like techno-turkey said, we hook up the game cube in one van and the ps2 in another and play games all the way there.
I usually listen to my ipod also

same but i do that on trips

punchbuggy! every time u see a buggy you hit someone :smiley:


Sounds like your team is a lot less obnoxious then mine>.>You would think you wouldn’t able to talk
nonstop for 6 hours >8(

or every time you see a volkswagon beetle yell slugbug and punch them

ya like basicxman said you need a power adapter that you plug in the cigorette lightor/poweroutlet whatever then you need a tv like one that flips down or a portable dvd player or a small tv that fits i your car i usually do that my favorate game to play on gc is supersmash bros mellee.mario kart or madden but other than that i listen to my ipod or sleep