What do you do when you have been waiting for trophy's for a long time

so I have been doing vex for 5 years and I started 2020 by having to start an independent team (so I did everything by myself) and I won trophies but they never gave them to me because they did not have enough and they said they ship it to me but here I am like 4 months later trophyless. I called both of the comps they didn’t pick up.


at some point it’s easier just to accept that a piece of metal isn’t worth the hassle of chasing down event partners 4 months after an event for.


these are the first trophies I have won after five years of doing this… it’s not about the metal


If you have tried contacting the Event Partner and had no reply, give your local REC Foundation RSM a shout. Maybe leave it until after Worlds though, everyone will be super busy until the end of the month.


if you really want a physical representation for your achievements, you could order the trophies, or build your own. Sure, it’s not the same as getting a trophy from the event you won it at, but if they didn’t give you one at the event, and they haven’t sent one to you in 4 months and you aren’t able to get into contact with them, they likely aren’t going to give you one. And besides, it’s the achievement of winning an award that counts, not the trophy itself.

congratulations on winning btw.


Thanks but that’s sad af :frowning:

Okkk that’s good…

20 car

If you really want the judges awards you got this year, I would email the EPs of the events where you were awarded them to ask about your situation (or FL’s RSM if they are no help). But remember to be nice and cordial when responding to them (I think some of us here know what happens if you are not…)

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What happens? (just curious)

Sister team got DQed

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For asking for their trophy?!?

No, for something else (pls check ur dms)

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