What do you do when you want to build a six bar lift but don't have the pieces?

What do you do when you want to build a six bar lift but don’t have the pieces? How can you compromise longer pieces for shorter piece for example.

You could build a four-bar lift which doesn’t require short pieces, but you will lose some height.

if you don’t have enough parts to build a 6-bar, which doesn’t need much, then I recommend trying to buy more parts. if that’s not an option, then yeah, go with a 4 bar

Are you missing the long pieces or short pieces? Or just don’t have enough? I’m confused.

Cutting of pieces is legal, and might solve the problem if you don’t have short enough pieces.

There are also janky ways to make pieces, such as screwing together a lot of bearing flats, but not a lot of those are ideal.

if you are missing the short pieces you could always put bearing flats between two 1x25 pieces. It creates a sturdy, lightweight bar.

Ok. I need help building my six bar. I have everything planned out except the stand where the motors and the gears are. I need help with that


I dont have my robot at home right now. I don’t know what those white things are that are used as spaces but can I replace those since we don’t have those with spacers?

Can we replace the Nylon spacers with the black ones? Will it make a difference? And how many black ones to we need to use to equal 1 Nylon spacer?

It won’t make that much of a difference. You can get both spacers in different sizes, so I can’t say how many it would take to match up.

Ok. Have you built a six bar? If so how long did it take you in hours?

Ok. Have you built a six bar? If so how long did it take you in hours?

Hmmmm… not from scratch. I’d estimate the linkage would take 10 minutes, the support would take 15, the powering would take another 15, and then the cross supports would take 13. So just over an hour, I think. Call it 1.5 hours to be safe. I’ve done IQ full versions in about 15 minutes, but I didn’t have to worry about much.

Edit for elaboration: I’ve helped a sister team rebuild theirs a couple of times, but never from scratch. I’ve done quick, messy ones for explaining things in about 3 minutes, but that was just metal+screws as joints.

Ok. DO you think it would be a good thing for turning point? I am thinking of putting a claw at the top of the 6 bar that has a gear on the back of it so it will flip the caps. I am also thinking of putting a Intake and shooter. Do you think it will be too much for 1 6 bar?

This is really old vid… but still good.
And there are tons of vids in youtube to help you with the 6-bar as well.

I recommend getting your shooter to work before you attach the six bar.

I saw this video

Great… then I hope you will be able to understand the concepts behind 6-bar and make adaptation or adjustments according to your situation :slight_smile:

It’s probably better to pick one thing and get that down. Lifts are a lot easier than shooters, but you’ll always have people telling you that caps aren’t worthwhile. It depends on your region, as forcing someone away from flags to contest a high cap might just be worthwhile.

As far as the weight goes, it’s all just how well you build it. I’ve seen some teams have trouble lining up the posts with the 6 bar’s non-linear motion, but it worked nonetheless.

You don’t build it.