What Do You Do While Building?

What Kinds Of Things Do You Do While You Are Building With VEX?

i usually get out one of my action movies, sit on the floor for three hours and build a new robot :slight_smile:

With my personal kit I build with the TV on with something like Survivor or something during primetime. On the team, we talk abaout other stuff or get bugged by people that don’t understand what we are doing and keep asking, “are you buiding a battle bot?” and then they try to tell us what kind of attachment we should add on. It starts to get annoying after the first 20 times.

ahh, the old “are you building a battle-bot robot” question from people who dont know anything about robots. i have had that question asked of me so many times, its so annoying:mad:

Only difference is that you probably don’t have a school full of “Rednecks”.

i usually listen to music on my computer while building but got sick of building in messy bedroom so i moved my stuff down next to couch and other computer stand with stuff nicely setup and have dual speakers and ipod shuffle which all i need besides sometimes playing ps2 or watching dvd on nice tv

dude next time the rednecks bother you, just say, “We’re building robots for a NASCAR race.” or just attach a flamethrower and flame the hell out of them hahaha.

listen to radio, and watch tv