What do you do?

I believe that earlier this year, someone started a poll similar to this; however, as it was in the beginning of the year, I imagine most teams didn’t have their design finalized. If anyone would post or vote in regards to their design it would greatly help our team to build bots to emulate gametype scenarios. Any contributions from you fabulous people would be most appreciated:D

still no finalized design… sorry

It’s all good;)

tank treads seem to be the way to go, at first when my team tried to build an arm with limited parts we couldnt get a good grip on the rings, the only way to pick them up was from the inside but it had a lot of faults, so now were just using a plow

It is possible to get a decent grip on the rings for your initial pickup without using the treads/zipties methods. Figuring it out is half the fun. :slight_smile:

The treads/zips method works OK too; but it’s sooo yesterday ;):slight_smile:


lol not with 11 days 'till the competition, uh-oh better get working (still tweaking autonomous)

Zip ties on the tank treads is sooo yesterday but the way we did it is sooo tomorrow lol.

I can only describe this with lol:cool: he, he, he

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Well there are better ways :slight_smile:
But the new tank tread upgrade kit will make this interesting. I think the future looks full of treads just like the year before that and the year before that. :smiley:

already thought about that and solved it but i still wanna use tank tread… but not for the inital pick up