What do you guys think?

Go ham

the lift looks pretty unstable. maybe use two linear slides one for each side of the arm, or two lifts facing inwards with the claw mounted in the middle of them.

I would pick a clawbot over you

Nice cortex mounting, I’ll be sure to ram it a few times if I play you

At least when you flip you’ll be in the way of other robots scoring

My great grandmother is more stable than that thing.

I want to elevate you 100 ft and then drop you for using an elevator lift. #useless.

lol, my friend threw this together for the midterm. legitimately tho, he needs more help on achieving greater heights and getting the middle section down after raising it.

If the chain is continuous then the motor will pull the middle section down

it’s the sectioned kind, the middle bar extends fully, then the front bar extends fully. they can’t seem to get the middle bar back down. then again they modeled their entire arm off of a 1 minute YouTube video



B What is is that ** Solid Waste ** ?

That robot is a hecking terrible

Hey I see some similarities between the creator of this bot and the intake of the bot: You both love taking "L"s.



TBH, that looks almost as good/on par with at least half of the teams I see at Cali tournaments.


I can see in the pictures that you have such a nice classroom, full field etc (which we don’t have), it is so weird to see robots that are that bad come out of such a nice robotics class