What do you guys think?

Part 2

OP strayfing drive bro

2018 world champ right there

That spot is reserved for @Archimedes and he always will be the world champ. Sorry but that is a World Finalist level bot.

  • Ayush

Why did you put my name?

That’s my name too.

O, nvm

You meant @antichamber, right?

o wait yeah. Mobile goal knocker-downer

Standoff lift :wink:


Straight Outta VEXIQ

Worse that Ajit Pai.

Sorry, I think i crossed the line. I take it back.

does your strafing drive get stuck on the pipe? I’m thinking of making one; I have a bot specific problem that a strafing drive solves quite nicely.

I can ask cuz it’s a friends robot so I don’t know

X drives can strafe, I imagine an H drive can’t get over the bar @briancole

Pneumatic suspension

What is wrong with your cortex placement… it should either be on your arm or on the mogo lift.

its fine my dude, when we move the arm down we can smash the battery port a few times. u know, make sure it’s secured

@Easton they get over just fine, at least ours does. just make sure to replace the battery often and use 4 motors instead of a bunch of gears