What do you guys think?

Part 3

looks ok, but what is the linear slide for(cones i assume)
if thats correct what type of intake are you planning on using



I’m sorry is this meant to be sarcastic?

it it seems to be a decent base
i want to know intake/lift plans

Like is @Vyx posting this for real criticism, or for us to roast?

This sailbo-… uhh I mean robot will give you the best 1:45 minutes of your life trying to pick up a single cone.

Part 1 and 2 were for us to roast, so why not part 3?

That robot made me cringe so bad I accidentally cantilevered my entire lift system off one screw

Are you playing in the zone or crossover? Because seriously, that bot couldn’t get on a plastic bridge let alone over a pipe.

When you built your robot in the five minutes before your first match.

It says Roast Me in the picture.

Five minutes? More like 30 seconds. I mean, seriously, I could build a 3 motor IQ bot that could play better than that.

A ziptie would be better than that.

Honestly, if I saw this at a regional tournament, I wouldn’t even question it.

Eh, I could probably drive my old 4 motor Iq bot to stack at least five or six cones during the match. Wouldn’t get any mg’s in, though.

If it can be done, somebody will be stupid enough to do it.

ay, well you see, that pokey thingy, yeah, they’re gonna poke the little hole on top of the cone and try to stack it on the high goal

Have you seen the video for that? It is literally the crappiest cone intake ever. And I’m not just roasting on that one. Don’t use it unless you absolutely have to.