What do you guys think?

to be fair, it did get the mogo in so it’s arguably better than a clawbot

Your tiles are upside down. The smooth side goes up.

dang, you sure it isn’t the dirt and debris? i’ll have it fixed if it is upside down

I’m fairly certain its the right side up, however, if you see a diamond-like pattern, similar to what they put on steel/chrome, then you have the wrong side up. We keep ours upside down to not scratch/scrape/hurt the good side, which we only break out for autonomous or competitions.

Looks to me like they are upside down.

@Vyx you have made a number of threads just like this with the Same title, I think you should post in the same one to not make such a clutter in the forums.

i mean, they’re all completely different robots and im using the same title to keep a theme

How to think inside the box.

how is the chain even attached to the sprocket
EDIT: nvm i just found out its zip-tied on

How can it pick a mobile goal up without tipping over?

how does it drive without a battery

That’s the secret, it doesn’t. It lays with the MoGo and contemplates life and it’s existence.

Actually if I’m not mistaken, I think the robot could be used as nonfunctional decoration itself

battery is zip tied to the back

lol they had that issue, it would just swing itself and crash on top of the mogo. I think they added temporary standoffs at the bottim and then only tried to lift it when they were at the bar. the lift also practically disassembled itself while lifting it the first time and they had to repair it before trying a second time.