What do you look for in a Live Stream

What do you look for in a live stream? I will be live streaming the Wisconsin VEX State Championship. Previously I streamed another competition (found below). What would you like to see added?

Known problems:
Lots of VEX sounds (I had a feedback loop with viewing the video)
No audio from cameras

Previous Stream:

i’d probably request the same angle mariner robotics use in their videos

Display team numbers and higher quality please.

should be better to have sound.

What do you mean by higher quality?

Why do you think their angle is better? I had thought people would want to see the balls entering the nets going forward.

I think that Mariner’s videos are great, both in quality and angle. You can clearly see nearly everything on the field in their videos, wheras here the drive teams are blocking their robots.

Valid point. I will see what I can do for state.