What do you think about B03?

With the new feature of easy I’ll creating polls, I was curious about two questions I had about Best of 3 eliminations and 3 team alliances, and everyone’s opinions on them. I really want to know what the results are, so please answer the two questions below. Thanks! (Also please only choose 1 option, for some reason it made it 2 and I can’t change it back.)

  • Best of 3 elimination
  • Best of 1 elimination
  • Dont Care

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  • Three Team Alliance
  • Two Team Alliance
  • Don’t care

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I think your first one misses the “hybrid” option of BO1 elims with BO3 finals


I’d say BO3 is much better, even though it takes longer. I’ve found with my state’s BO1 matches there are too many matches where it was purely luck that let an alliance win. While they take more time, the tournament is so much more (IMO) representative of the alliances’ respective skill. One breakdown of a complicated auton and going over the line is enough to send a team who could have one home early.

True, I didn’t realize that. Thanks for the suggestion :smile:

I just selected both…

Think there is also a need to include options like - Bo1 and 2-team alliance, Bo3 and 3-team alliance.

Think these 2 are closely related or at least affecting each other.

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