What Do You Think About Live Remote Tournaments?

Hi, I was wondering what everyone else thinks about the live remote tournaments? Many of my local teams found it good with a few issues, wondering what everyone else is thinking

We don’t know yet since he have not tried it. Not sure if I was able to connect my VexNet field controller with it or just the controller.

Obviously I would rather be competing in person, but I think the live remote tournaments were a great replacement and adjustment of the in person events.

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I can’t do any for another week until I get back to my field but they sound like a great idea. I had built a skills bot anyway so it works out well for me lol.

It will be a lot more difficult to think of strategies and change them based on scoring 4 fields and how to counteract the opposing alliance’s rows. Communication between teams will probably be a big factor in prioritizing and scoring rows. I think having middle goal intakes will help to score a 4th ball in the middle goal.


I think it might be. Especially nowadays

I think a portion of out of country teams will compete Worlds in Remote because their schools are cautious about the COVID rates in the US.

Not really. Since LRT matches are just skills runs, you don’t have to worry about your opponent undoing whatever you try to set up. Thus, only three goals actually matter as long as you score the rest of the balls in your remaining goals. The only communication that needs to take place is about which goals to double, but you really don’t even need to do that since you and your opponent each only have to double one of three goals based on what your opponent does with them.

In our testing both by hand and with the robot, it seemed to be basically rng if the 4th ball stayed in or not. You’re basically just trying to balance a ball on the bottom rim of the goal since the rim above it gives actual clearance. Doing it consistently would require you to double the center goal to hold the ball in which means you have to sacrifice the ball if you need to double a different goal. Some teams will probably go for it, but I don’t see it becoming a widely used strategy.


Our team determined that to ensure we get the goals that we want, that we would want to watch the screen to see the scoring of the opposing alliance’s field. We also assumed that it would always be optimal to double the middle goal over any others (as a part of the strategy that we came up with). If a team had the same strategy as us, we could put a 4th ball in any goal to have one additional ball over the opposing alliance. I won’t say how we did it, but we can get a 4th ball in the middle goal basically every round with our middle goal intakes, Think about the requirements of the ball to score and scored balls count regardless of the robot touching it.


I would assume this means you have to be holding the ball in with your robot.

As for which of our strategies is optimal, I guess we’ll find out tomorrow :slight_smile:

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What’s that supposed to mean

You’re right. We’ll see tomorrow.

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We’re both competing at Great Lakes #4 tomorrow.


Best of luck to you. Go get a dub


Do they count 6 ball goals yet? I haven’t competed in any official Live Remote Tournaments (because VEXU) but have competed in multiple scrimmages using the format, and found that having good strategy made a lot of difference. Because rows are worth 9 points, its more important to focus on getting a row than making sure that every single ball is scored. Having all the balls scored is most important when neither alliance is able to secure a row, but at that point usually the auton bonus is the deciding factor. Would recommend coming up with counters to the default strategy of taking a diagonal and doubling the middle goal, and then coming up with a counter to your counter, and so on. Kinda excited to see how chaotic it’s gonna be for VEXU with 8 robots in a single match.


Last I checked, it was possible to get at least 8 balls in each side and corner goal and it is possible to get 27 in the middle goal. Each row is worth 13 points in LRT. I definitely agree that coming up with counters will be important.

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