What do you think about the dramatic 185A vs 7258A in Round Robin of Worlds?


Good call on the DQ. Enough said.

What happened? We couldn’t stay :frowning:

Clearly a DQ.

What happened

I’m just glad I was not a referee making that decision…

7258A hit 185A with a cube over the fence, making 185A falls over. 185A then activated the stars puncher just in time to prevent the robot from falling further. After the match 7258A got a DQ.

Keep in mind that 7258A had a cube that they rammed into 185A not once or twice, but three times in a row. I could see one time being an attempt to score but they did not appear to have the intent of scoring. They also continued to push 185A once it was clear that they had enough room to score said cube.

185 A i sgoing to have a end of worlds reveal. With their sister bot 8283A. We will show you the details of our robot. Also it sucks that we could not have won the cool way. If you want to see some intense matches of us look at the technology division finals brackets.

We were watching from the dome pits, and we were pretty frustrated with 7258A. It seemed really unsportsmanlike and mean-spirited of them to try to tip 185A’s robot in that way. I personally have worked on it for 30+ hours, and more than 800 hours went into the making of that robot.

Insanity is a life consuming robot.

Which round robin match was this?

That was a clear as day DQ. They repeatedly rammed the lift with a cube, and didn’t stop when they started making it tip.

7258A won, 185A lost. 'Nuff said. Besides, you can’t stay Starstruck with 185A. You have to get In the Zone for the new game.

clearly a DQ.
But, did any one else notice that the RED side disconnected in HS for about 15-20 secs during the final match? Seemed like that to me

Yep, and they immediately went to the field tech after the match.

I think it was the right call

It seemed like the Round Robin/Finals were a mess for television this season. First, so much tipping in the Round Robin. I’m not sure if the DQ makes for good TV or not, but it probably does, actually. Then there was tipping in the first Finals match, and a disconnect in the second Final match. What a mess. I’m just surprised that robots so prone to tipping made it as far as they did. I guess its shows that lighter isn’t necessarily better; 86868 was on the heavier end (though within reason), and managed to win.

There is no way that was not a violation of the rules and worthy of DQ. Funny thing is, that was not the worst violation of that rule I saw on Saturday. The worst one was not even called or addressed by the refs. It was in MS where a robot from the same country of origin decided it was a good idea to literally pound on a robot that was stuck on the fence. Neither robot had any scoring objects. The match was all but over. The offending team just drove over and started hammering the opposing robot. Very unsportsmanlike.