What do you think about the skills update?

So what does everyone think about the skills update? Personally I like it, but the V5 brain as a timer like @Sylvie pointed has some problems, both in usefulness and availability for EPs.

Also, anybody have any strategies? I noticed that getting a diagonal connected row gives you 48 points from just “descoring” the blue points.

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Unless I’m missing something, it looks like the new theoretical max score is 126, based off of the formula used to calculate scores, which was:

(Red Alliance Score) - (Blue Alliance Score) + 63

The way I see this is that if you de-score all blue and score all red, the formula would output 63-0+63, which would be 126.

Other than that, I’m glad the difficulty bar was raised, and the stop timer looks interesting, not only for this game, but games to come, so I think there’s a lot to look forward to.


Were did you fine these new rules for skills

They released the new skills appendix today, here you go:

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I think its pretty good, because while the time is kind of sketchy, it doesn’t matter unless you can max out driver and programming twice. so it will only effect a very small number of teams.

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I really like the changes they’ve made, and I’m mainly glad they didn’t reduce driver to 30 seconds as some people suggested.


That is not exactly true. There is no requirement to max out in order to use match stop time, and a double tie would only be necessary for tournament rankings, not global rankings.


the tie breakers go like this:

  • largest combined driver and auton skills
  • largest auton skills
  • 2nd largest auton skills
  • 2nd largest driver skills
  • time

so the only time you have to worry about the time is if you can max prog and driver twice. if you can’t, you’d be better off getting the highest run you can in a minute, rather than getting an incomplete run with extra time.


Time to go to a comp early july for skills

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ok global it matters more, but it’s still more important to max driver and prog first. maxing driver and prog should be your first priority.


Personally I like the speedrun style, makes much more sense for this game.

Any early guesses on how low time might potentially get?

with the descoring changes, 45 seconds lowest.

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45? Lol for driver it will get down to 30

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I love this update so far but the timer is pretty sketch still

even with having to descore every blue ball? perhaps. but I don’t think so.

I feel like that would require so much precision that it’s almost too unrealistic, although it might be possible in a one-off miracle.

Descoring each ball isn’t going to add as much time for a snailbot as you think

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It’ll be hard but in the end, global scores will come down to time

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