What do you think is the best sports car?




Opel Speedster




Chevrolet Camaro

Alfa Romeo

I like Mustang’s, but being a James Bond fan, Aston Martin is always a good choice…

Corvette! Biggest bank for the buck!

Oh… Oops… I forgot to post those!! :(:confused:

Depends on what you mean by “sports car” and how you define “best.” The purest street-legal expression of driving pleasure is probably the Caterham 7. If you like a little more refinement and don’t care about making any compromises for practicality, the Lotus Elise. The finest widely-available sports car is probably the Mazda MX-5 Miata. If you want something stupid fast and totally impractical to drive on a daily basis, the Mosler MT900S.

The problem with ultra-high performance cars (Ferrari, Porsche, Mosler, Corvette) is that you will NEVER really get to drive them near their limits on the street. I’d rather have the Miata, which offers the most smiles-per-mile of any car I’ve personally driven, than something that costs 3-10 times as much that will land me in jail the first time I get it into fourth gear.

It’s just like any other problem, though. You can’t get an answer until you are absolutely clear about the question. This also applies to competition robots. :slight_smile:

I meant best overall sports car.

Forgetting about the massive price tag, Bugatti Veyron. :smiley: