What do you think of stationary building skyrise Robots?

Hi guys last week we participated in a VEXU Regional tournament here in Mexico, the team that won the competition had a stationary skyrise building robot, it made 6 Skyrise sections in autonomous mode, having a clear advantage on almost every team of the competion, how hard do you think this type of robots can be to build ?
Heres a video of their last match in the finals.

From the very start, I knew that a swing arm would be necessary for a consistent auton involving the skyrises. We have a seeing arm to build the skyrise as well and it takes about the same amount of time as any other robot to build, maybe a bit longer. In order for this design to work though, you need some sort of vertical lift.

One of the bots at my school, 5454J, has a completely stationary bot that will most likely push them to HS worlds off of programming.

No need to be modest! At the Bay Port Tournament, you were able to score 16 points in pegs in autonomous alone! From what I have seen, it seems much more effective in general than a normal robot.

Sorry if I seem to be a wet blanket, but VexU has 45 seconds for their autonomous.
And they built 5 skyrises (from the video).

Think there are quite a few teams in HS (and MS… I suspect) that can do 4 to 5 skyrises in 15 seconds.

To your question - Personally, I think it is much easier to build a stationary specialised robot as compare to building an all-rounder, moving robot.
You have at least 4 more motors (since there is no drive train to worry about) to play with. That will make life easier for the lifting and the mechanism for the skyrise.

But I am really not sure if a stationary skyrise builder robot can do well in the World.
Simply because we are now talking about robots that can build 4 to 5 skyrise sections within 15 seconds, and then moving out to score cubes as well.

Do you have any videos of this teams that are already capable of doing this in their 15 second auton?

The design is incredibly effective. It feels really nice when it the auton performs at its best. What I really want to see, are the robots that Karthik mentioned on this other thread that can do 5 skyrises in auton

I think it’s funny that they started driving around in driver control… and got slower. If they have simply let their autonomous resume running during driver control they would have finished their skyrise easily.

EDIT: The thought occurred to me early on that a fully autonomous robot in VEXU would actually be pretty effective if you only had 1 driver.

Earlier in the year, our team built a scissor lift robot but decided at Christmas time to build a stationary robot. They are still working out some kinks. If they are able to accomplish what they have designed, they will be able to build a skyrise all the way up to 7 sections and put cubes all the way up plus some on posts all without ever moving the base.

They have been having some issues with the PID on the arm that builds the skyrise, but they seemed to have a breakthrough last night.

Once the programming is completely done the robot should be capable of scoring up to 80 points by itself in a match and in the 50s to 60s in skills if everything works perfectly.

Of course we all know that it never works perfectly, but I am excited about their idea. It will either do very well or very poorly. Only time will tell.