What do you Think of the new rules for this years comption

Go ahead and put what do u think about the new field set up and rules

I think that the field will be maxed out early on (for the virtual teamwork setup) as already in the first week, I can get all the risers scored in the optimal positions except one of each color.

I think the worst part of the new rules is that there is a limit of 1 for doublers. This takes out any strategy that could have been as having no limit would make bot design and game strats much more important. This could have made teams have to choose what combinations (spending time on high goal scores) and (time spent on doublers) work best for them. And with the new rules I think that it is essentially just a skills run that lasts 2 minutes but with 4 bots instead of 1. And were just going to spend a minute sitting still at a tower and doing absolutely nothing.

tldr: I despise LRT6


The problem with no limit is that people would need different bots (or at least adjustable) for skills/in-person and live remote because there is no reason to be able to contact all the goals outside of live remote. Having a limit removes the added effort of adjusting the robot and changes it out for needing to look at the other teams to determine best strategy for contacting goals. The objective here was to create an experience on seperate fields that wasn’t multiple skills run, and I think that the GDC accomplished this by creating an extra element that could be match winning.

Random thought, I personally think that this is not very good of a strategy, because it gives your opponents enough time to counter it AKA go possess every other goal and forget about whatever one you are sitting still at. I would probably wait the first 30 seconds (assuming our driver can score everything in the necessary time gap) and then go around scoring at the end, leaving the center for last (red balls vs. blue balls inside the robot would be tough to see, leading to some confusion on the opposing alliance about whether or not the center goal will need to be quadrupled to possess it).

However, these are all my personal opinions so feel free to have a different opinion.

TL;DR GDC did a good job.


Here is a video showing that the new teamwork field can be maxed out as much as is possible (almost) by just one robot. I understand that with another team, you might want to strategize and get more points, but this is what one could do if their partner didn’t do anything. This is just to give some context as to what is possible with this new field, and what scores could look like.

maybe in your opinion

but is this really a bad thing? how many people are realistically going to attend both live remote and in person. besides, there are lots of ways in which touching each goal can be beneficial in a real life event, so that point doesn’t really make sense lol (think about deplorable walls, or goal blocking)

there were tons of ideas floating around with the announcement of live remote tournaments and endgame that involved mechanisms that could be used both in person and in live remote

i think the GDC missed a big opportunity here


What about California? We aren’t even opened up yet, so live remote competitions may be happening in the near future. What happens if California opens up before worlds??? A lot can change in a couple months. We might have actual comps too.

Some places might even close back down after a possible outbreak in the future.

But yeah, I get that probably isn’t the case for everyone, I am simply giving some possible examples.

Definitely in my opinion, and my opinion only. :smiley:

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i am so confused as to what is going on here, could someone please explain?

Yes but at the same time this would have added a second major element to the game (ie TT had stacks and towers and turning point had flags and caps) and both of the past games have had 2 completely separate actions. Yes ideally a team would have 2 seperate bots but it would have added an extra challenge to deal with (and why not include doublers in skills and possibly live tourneys.

I do agree that the GDC has put a lot of time and effort into trying to make this season at least somewhat possible and i’m not here to bash them. Just I feel like a little was left off of the table is all. And im just offering constructive criticism.

Same is happening here in Florida and like what @Ethan5956F was saying people will probably pick one competition style and stick to it so this shouldn’t impact the game that much in actuality as this season will most likely run as 2 separate competitions (virtual or in person when they open up)

tldr; The game should have an added level of complexity because almost all of the difficulty has been removed for virtual events.

***Also @Kajunii42 we are ranting about the new manual


Honestly, I like the rule regulating a team to touch more than 1 goal. This way the endgame element of the game doesn’t just turn into “whoever can deploy their octopus mechanism fastest and touch every goal first wins” and instead turns into a last-minute strategy of which of the 9 goals should I double/quadruple so I can win the match. This in my opinion is more accurate to the feel of Change up and is generally more fun as on the fly strategy comes more into play than crazy unique builds.