What Do You Think The Average Match Score Will Be?

Title explains everything. Post your guesses.

each alliance is given 140 points

100 bonus points
150 normal points

280+250 = 530

500 is my answer, at early tournaments few will lift robots and probably won’t score all balls

Later tournaments will be 600+

I assume you mean for both alliances combined?

I mean for an individual alliance. Realistically, I was thinking a bit lower early on. First year in VEX though.

300-600 winning scores by the end of the year. It depends on whether there’s 1 good alliance or 2.

As I’ve looked through past games, I’ve learned the community rises to the challenge. The field will get cleared - with time to spare. It’s just a matter of how long till then.

How many balls can the high goal hold? Just wondering.

It was stated in another thread that a VEX Official said that the goal could fit enough balls for guaranteed victory.

Using the official scoring app, assuming the other team wins autonomous, high elevates, scores all bonus balls, and all balls you have not, you would have to score 64 balls to still win (assuming you are only scoring in the high goal, and you don’t elevate at all).

So basically, it doesn’t matter how many it can fit because if you fill it you have won. So just try to score 64 balls, and then no matter what, you have won.

-Nick H. (8000)

I think that this game needs to be looked at differently from Skyrise. The maximum match score possible is 630, however, the score required to be unbeatable is a much lower 320. Since the objects this year a non-colored, this game will be much more like sack attack. Anyways, basically, all you have to do is go for that score, and once you reach it, you’re done.

With respect, you’re wrong. Double elevation is possible, making the maximum match score for one team 680. The fact the scoring app doesn’t support this fact is an oversight.

And, even if the maximum match score were 630, your math is still wrong. You’re forgetting that both teams are able to elevate. In order to be sure you win, (and assuming single-elevation) you need to score a minimum of 345 points. Theoretically, though, both teams are able to score 390 points (a total of 780 points are available in any match). Meaning you need to score 395 points in order to be guaranteed a win.

Thanks so much for the correction, I didn’t think about that. Good thing you caught that, I wouldn’t want to be supplying inaccurate information. Thanks again,

-Nick H. (8000)

I am still slightly skeptical of double high elevation. Assuming u mean elevating both robots of an alliance for 100 pts. Low elevation of one and high elevation of a second is more plausible. But even then it will be very rare especially early in the season. So if you just factor in single elevation, as in the scoring app, the max tie score is 340 pts so if you can get 341 or over I think you have a guaranteed win.

Wow. I forgot that the low goal existed. That’s. I have no idea how that happened.

Yeah, 341 or 391 is the number you need. My bad.

10 Points Autonomous
10x10 field bonus ball = 100 Points
30x5 field normal balls = 150 Points
28x5 team balls (auto and driver) = 140 Points
Single lift = 50 Points
Total = 450 Points (if you opponent don’t score any of the field objects)
This is assuming every ball is in the high goal (not even sure they will all fit).

Double lift +50 more if allowed (I’m not convinced as rule for elevating is lifting your partner not lifting yourself - so the only way would be to simultaneously lift each other using the field wall, which is/isn’t allowed depending on how you read the rules.).

If you split the field objects (125 points each) and no one wins auto then the team max would be 315 (single lift)?

Early on very few will get close to this so I think games will be between 100-200 early for a good score and possible only around 200 for regionals.

Without any respect at all, you’re the one who’s wrong. You’re so wrong it took me quite a while to work out how you ended up at the answer you got.

Double elevation is theoretically possible, but the climbing zone is (probably) bounded by the inside of the field perimeter meaning that the robots need to either fly or sit on top of a pile of balls.

But that’s just where you started going wrong. The number of yellow balls in the game is 94, not 104. If you control 64 of them, then your opponent can score a maximum of 310 points with a single high elevation: 30 balls scored high, 10 bonus balls scored high, high elevation and autonomous. 62 yellow balls scored high plus one scored low plus one anywhere that you control means you score at least 311 points and win.

If your opponents double elevate then you need to control 69 yellow balls. That leaves them with 25 yellow balls scored high, 10 bonus balls scored high, two high elevations and autonomous for 335 points. You need at least 67 yellow balls in your high goal plus one in your low goal to get 336.

I’m not sure how you managed to be so wrong (395? lol), but I’m even more surprised that you so rudely tried to correct someone else while being wrong.

I figured out what the difference is. You’re looking to answer the question “How many points from balls do I need to score in order to ensure that I’ve won?” And, in this case, the answer is exactly what you said it was. You need to score 64 balls for a total of 316-320 points. Assuming they get one high elevation, Autonomous, Bonus Balls, and the Green Balls, they have a maximum score of 310. You are absolutely correct.

I was asking a different question. I wanted to know “How many points do I need to score before I’m sure that I’ve won?” And the answer to THAT question is 341 (or 391, given DE).

The math for that is pretty simple.
Green Balls: 945=470
Bonus Balls: 10
Autonomous: 110=10
Elevation: 2


Your goal is to get more than half of the available points in the match. In my hypothetical, I only need to score 291 points in balls, Bonus Balls, and Autonomous before I elevate. Doing so leaves my opponent with a maximum score of 289 before Elevation. Which means that if we both elevated, I win by two points. 341-339.

If you check the post I quoted, I addressed what he said. Here, I’ll quote it again.

He forgot both teams are able to elevate. His “game total” of 630 was off by 50 points. My math corrected that. What you calculated is relevant to the topic title, but not what he and I were talking about.

Most of the dispute here seems to be over whether a double elevation is possible. This thread examined the possibility in great detail, and the consensus seems to be that even if it is legally viable (which it most likely isn’t), it would require an EXTREME level of specialization and precision to pull it off. MAYBE it could happen in VEXU, if the good teams decide it is worth the sacrifices (motors, pneumatics, work time, etc) involved in making double elevation mechanisms.

This is similar to theoretical max scores in Sack Attack. Sure, you could break 1000 points if you superstacked all 98 sacks and 4 bonus sacks on the high goal. But, as cool as this would’ve been, it never happened.

I also think it’s important stay respectful and polite on these forums. We all represent our teams and the greater VRC community as a whole. We can have a debate over the scoring of the game without going at each other’s throats. Acting professional is the name of the game here.

Double high elevation isn’t possible without grappling to the ceiling. One detail everyone conveniently disregarded is the height of the wall. it is only 11.22". high elevation is a minimum of 12"

I’d just like to thank you all for your input. Part of what makes VRC so special is the collaboration and debate between teams that allows us to grow together. VRC is not a vacuum, it is a melting pot of ideas. That is why the GDC has to make the game harder and harder every year, because we all learn from everyone. If you look at matches from bridge battle, the first game, there we no six bars, no scissor lifts, and no double reverse 4 bars or 6 bars. Okay, maybe a few, but for sure not to the same degree as today. The reason for this is simple, as a community we all grew together and have established the best designs for different tasks. We have all learned from each others work.

Thanks again, especially Ephemeral_Being who gave their feedback constructively and respectively, and The VEX Raptors who also set a good example. These two users individually have more posts than all of the rest of us on this thread combined, so lets try to be respectful to everyone, but especially two of some of the most senior members out there. Once again, thank you to anybody who posted their input to this debate, since your input is important to everyone having a better understanding of the game this year.

-Nick H. (8000)