What do you think the next game will be?

What do you think the next game would be?

It looks like it’s that time of year again :slight_smile:

I’ll guess that next year we go back to lifting objects into goals. Something other than balls, following the every-other-year rule. Maybe it’ll finally be the year of the triangles! Or maybe we’ll finally get the balance and objects of different masses game.

I want tetrahedrons. Something difficult to pick up or that has to be rotated a certain way to fit into a goal; an orientation the objects won’t start in. I got my wish for picking up something heavy, and it proves harder than one originally would think.

We’re probably going to get a lifting game again.

What about a lowering game instead…

10 ft robots…!!! Skyrise style.

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That would be interesting to have field objects and scoring goals below the field…

I think it’d be pretty fun to dig a hole in the middle of my school’s gymnasium.

Since VRC has always been about lifts until now, I think it would be strange to not have a lifting game again next year. That being said, it would also be a little strange to completely abandon launchers after one year. I’d like to see a game where we can choose lifts or launchers with equal viability. Or maybe both, like in Toss Up where we lifted balls to stash them, but also threw them across the field.

I hope we get hanging again!

I think that Vex should incorporate water as one of the game objects for obvious reasons.

I just want to be able to say water game confirmed and it actually be true haha

Edit: But in all seriousness I think we will go back to a 2 size scoring object lifting game with some sort of parking bonus

Cool idea but water and electricity do not mix well in vex. I’m hoping for a detaching game… I don’t know how it would work but the robot would have to split to win…

I hope that we get multiple scoring objects and multiple goals again.
It definitely won’t use any type of spheroid ball.
In bold are games that had balls.

Bridge battle
Clean sweep
Round up
Sack attack
Nothing but net
Barricade :wink:

I would like to see a lifting game that can incorporate defense as a main strategy for some designs, such as the wall bots and cage bots in skyrise.

Here’s a list of aspects that would make an amazing competition in my opinion.
–Multiple scoring objects that can’t be handled by a single mechanism. (Like Skyrise)
–More obstacles. (Like Tossup)
–An interesting bonus. (Like Round up)
–A better use of autonomous. That’s just my opinion. Maybe a 25 second autonomous that has no bonus, but points scored in autonomous are added to the score at the end of the match. Effectively doubling the score of points scored in autonomous.

I think that what I’ve realized after writing this is that I just want more complexity to scoring than this year.

Yeah, right on! Show the basketball team who’s boss!

But in all seriousness, I’d love to see a game with some form of elevation like this year and some form of different heights for scoring objects like skyrise. TBH I think skyrise was the best VEX game ever by a long shot, so I wouldn’t mind a very similar game but with hanging or elevation or something. Or VEX could go in a completely new direction and have the way to score points be destructive, like taking apart a 3D jigsaw puzzle or something.

I really want wallbots to become fully legal again…

I want to pull a 127C/X (only some will understand)

Can you explain then?

127 had a (******* BRILLIANT) design in which they expanded to trap the opposing alliances in a box, and then zeroed in on them. I think the problem is VEX has designed skyrise and NBN, probably intentionally, to make 127 style bots illegal.