What do you think the next game will be?

I agree. Also the 181818 rule limits how unique a robot can be. I think that we will see several similar designs at Worlds. I would love to play a game where we don’t have to rely on our partner’s as much, I’ve witnessed way too many teams rank within the top eight due to an easy schedule.

Pretty well said.

But imagine having to go against them 7-8 times a year :slight_smile:


127C is one of the most annoying teams there is in our region.

That’s about how I’d put it.

I’d love to see a field covered in loose pipes, or marbles/pebbles, or something else that forces people away from a traditional drive train. Sand would be cool, but would get into the cortex, etc.

I definitely want to see videos of that design in action, anyone?

Found one:

Pretty cool stuff.

Haha this one was actually at our school

That is beautiful. I bet it’s super fun to drive as well as see the frustration coming from your opponent.

I too would like to see next year’s game make expansion legal again, because of teams like 127C.

I think that the only reason they mad expansion illegal this year was to eliminate hoarding and make people shoot balls rather than dumping them. I’m sure that expansion will be legal again next year if it is not a shooting only game.

What a NBN style game in which teams were allowed to store as many balls as they wanted? This would revolutionize the game by making it more about fire rate from up close, good driving, and clever intaking rather than about firing preloads ridiculously fast?

Isn’t that what it is?
Edit: whoops, thought you said score, not store

I’m thinking that some really heavy scoring object might be interested. You’d only have to lift them a little (partly so you don’t destroy something if you drop them), but it would be challenging to have mechanisms strong enough to lift them.

In the past the drive has been pretty similar every year, there are a few basic designs that work for every game. It would be interesting to have something that would require some new innovation for drive systems. Like along the lines of this year’s FRC game.

As fascinating as it is, more weight most likely means more expense. Not sure what other game objects they might use. I’m not sure what to expect as it will most likely have lifting but not focus on it. I’m hoping for a back and forth game like Sack Attack, Toss Up, or Clean Sweep.

New game will be to dig for hidden treasure buried inside the tiles. Gravity will assist us for a change.
But now for being serious, they’re gonna do balls again to screw with us.

A brick wall to jump over/climb over/destroy.

1:45 autonomous and :15 driver. Okay, maybe not…

I’m still waiting for the vex anti gravity game to come out… Maybe this will be the year

At high level match play fielding is already the most important part. The load speed is unimportant because the field empties too early that you have the spare time to shoot full court shots slowly.

Could have won Worlds except alliance partners had major and uncharacteristic issues in Quarterfinals… We’re all still sad.

I am intrigued by this idea. It would really encourage teams to do auto. When the bonus is “only” 10 points, some teams don’t really work hard for it. But if you effectively got double whatever points you score in auto it might encourage more teams to work hard for it.