What do you think the next game will be?

I enjoyed the size limit this year. I think it was appropriate for the game. But I do hope next year we can build a big robot again.

I think there will be a lot of obstacles on the field next year.

I hope that the field objects will be dispersed randomly, kinda like some of the ftc games, so that people have to rely on sensors instead of placement.

I really would love something like sack attack you know, robot carrying a lot of weight in them, flipping robots off, and the intense descoring

I am really hoping for a game that puts focus back on autonomous. This years’ wasn’t that hard to do. My team wrote our entire code for autonomous in literally 5 minutes and got a 20 pt score in it. It would be cool to make something a little more complex for autonomous.

20 points this year in autonomous is the equivalent of a 2 cube post autonomous from last year. Autonomous this year can be more complex if you strive to go out after more stacks, which could be knocked around, causing you to miss a stack, or potentially knock you off course which could result in you shooting off enough to miss the high goal and waste several points. An autonomous routine like that example would be like if you had an autonomous for stacking skyrise pieces; drop one and you could potentially lose a match.

I disagree. To score 2 cubes last year actually required bit of programming. This year to score 20 points your code can literally be two commands:

Turn flywheel on
Turn intake on

How about the accuracy of scoring 20 points? I haven’t seen many teams accomplish an accurate 20 point autonomous without some sort of extra coding for a velocity controller, which would take some time to tune.

My original point being, there is more opportunities for a complex autonomous routine this year than some teams may think.

Also, last year we had this as a resource :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember when your alliance lost in Technology. My team got out on a technicality where the robot was still being touched for one second after auton ended. They should have called disablement, not DQ after the match ended. Though your robot was very mighty to face unless you had someone with a transmission.

I doubt they will keep the no expansion rule after this year because it was in this game only to keep it from being Sack Attack 2.0 and to keep the double four bars from Skyrise from dominating the goals.

We had a 150 point programming skills score with literally 1 line of code. All it did was run the port 7 motor. I hope pyramids, or a scoring object that is not symmetrical.

Dang. You beat 8800 (a local team) with one line of code? Must have a great feeder, if you didn’t use velocity control.

It is just a slip gear, where I have to set the ball on the launcher for each shot.


Ah. My bad, I was thinking flywheel.

Yea, the term “programming skills” should have been changed this year. haha. My students were able to get into the 200’s, which required driving across the field and lining up again with the net. That did take quite a bit of programming. But just shooting balls from the one side requires basically no programming at all.

I think you may be mistaken. It was my brother’s team but I was there. I don’t remember their being a DQ. Their alliance partners tipped and had disconnection issues.

The thing is, is that it isn’t actually called programming skills it’s called robot skill. Which you need a good robot to have a good robot skills score so it’s still inline with the wording plus, some of the top skills runs were just building Skyrises along with a couple of cubes and if you had a linear lift of some sort building a Skyrise was basically just copying and pasting the same code over and over again 7 times just changing the time between each.

No, it’s called programming skills. Robot skills is a different event.

I have always gone by driver skills and robot skills.

Driver skills is the nickname for what is actually called robot skills.