What do you use to program?

Hey all.
I was just wondering what people use to program. I use VCS, but am thinking about switch to PROS. And I know that some people use Robot Mesh Studios. What do you use?

  • Vex Coding Studio
  • PROS
  • Robot Mesh Studios
  • Other

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This is a difficult survey to answer as 4 of my six teams are on V5 and the other 2 are on Cortex. That being said, 2 of my V5 teams are using PROS, 2 are using VCS and the Cortex teams are using RobotC.

I use notvcs, since, from what I’ve heard, despite its issues, VCS’ compiler is better than RMS or PROS.

We all use some form of the GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain, so I’m not sure what gave you that impression


I was told it is more reliable by someone from vex or REC. Also, to my knowledge, vcs uses Clang, not GCC

Yes, that’s correct from what I was last told. VCS uses Clang to generate assembly, but still uses the GNU toolchain to link (lld doesn’t support bare metal ARM yet). If you’re going to be nitpicking over clang vs gcc compiler behavior, you should probably be using PROS. VCS almost certainly won’t be taking advantage of any possible performance improvements (if they exist).


Ahh, a pros dev. Nice try.

From who? Based on what?

From my mentor. <20cl>

There are a lot of “others” what other options are there?

RobotC and EasyC for the Cortex are two options.

Edit: and MATLAB/Simulink

probably people still on the cortex system using robotc