What do you use your 393s for?

Hey everyone,
I’m just wondering where everyone likes their 393 motors to be and if they like them in high torque or high speed configuration.

2 HS (on high torque) on Lift 1:7 for torque
2 HS (on high torque) and 4 269’s on Drive 1.5:1 for speed

393 on drive configured for speed. Allows plenty of torque for a 16 pound robot.

We had two high-torque 393’s lifting our six bar for quite a while, but we were tired of occasionally stripping our drive motors due to lack of torque. Our current robot uses four high-speed 393’s to power a mecanum drive.

We have two (2) 393 Motors [Geared for power] + two (2) 269 Motors on our drive.

We have the same amount of motors on our lift also {Two (2) 393 Motors [Geared for power] + two (2) 269 Motors}

We use (4) 393’s on our drive set for torque, and have them geared at a 1:1.5 to our mechanums.