What does a starter kit sell for?

Hey all,

This forum is awesome, the stuff y’all do with these things is insane!

I got a starter kit a few (closer to 10) years ago. Since then I got into cars and haven’t messed with the kit again. I’m pretty sure I plugged the camera and receiver into my TV once, drove it maybe twice, ever.

It’s got the claw, camera, wheels, tracks, controller, directions. The instruction booklet has a parts list and I’ve got everything on it.

What is a fair price to sell a complete kit (no box) for? I don’t want to be a jerk and ask too much, but I’m afraid of selling it for pennies.

Located in MD, was considering using craigslist, but I think this may be too specialized?

Just want this to go to someone who will use it well, not to go grab the news paper every morning. :stuck_out_tongue:


If this is the wrong forum section, or inappropriate, I’m really sorry. I come from the world of car forums where people post anything, anywhere, any time. Ha!

Do you have some pictures? If it is from 10 years ago, it is most likely very different than the kits today. There might not be many parts that most competitive teams can use, but it can still be good for hobbyists or teams with a lower budget. I suppose it has the PIC controller, not the newer Cortex?

Copyright on the instructions is 2007.

A Vexplorer kit that originally sold through Radio Shack I think. The claw is still sold and occasionally people are asking for some of the red gears that (may) have been unique to that kit. The control system and camera are not competition legal, I think it was driver controlled only, no programming. The camera is also a current product.


Price, I have no idea, I see some on ebay for inflated prices. Perhaps it’s starting to have some historical or collectable value.

There’s one here (new apparently) for $250.

They don’t make these anymore. The wheels and the ten 48-tooth gears are only available from this kit, and they are legal for the competition, so that should make it more valuable than similar kits from the same time period.

So it’s not made anymore and has some parts that may be useful and some that are not.

I just want someone to get it that wants to use it for something like what y’all do here. Not to chase their cat around the house. :stuck_out_tongue:

How do I go about selling it? Ebay? is there a for sale forum somewhere I can offer it to school teams?

Ebay is probably the best place to try to sell it.