What does bo1 mean?

It’s a dumb question just wanted to know what it means I’ve seeing come up alot in the forum

bo1 means best of one. It refers to the new elimination round match style

What does this mean? Is there anywhere I can read this?

The gist is that the old elimination match style was a best of three series. A pair of three (or two) team alliances would go head to head for three matches and whichever alliance won two games was considered victorious for that stage (quarterfinals, semifinals, etc).

VEX has now announced that the new elimination round match style will be a best of one between two alliances. So now, advancement to quarterfinals, semifinals and finals all comes down to one match.

Oddly enough, I can’t find this rule change in the official game manual. I hope my explanation was sufficient. Lmk if you’re still confused.

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Yes this helped, thank you

Your explanation was good. The rule is on page 30 in the Tournament section of the manual

Thanks for this info. Somehow I missed it.

I was always wondering what bo1 meant, thanks.