What does GDC stand for?

Another totally dumb question, and yet I’ve asked a number of people who “should” know what it means, and they don’t. So what do the letters GDC stand for? that thing of which Karthik is president.:confused:

EDIT: as a side note: some time ago, I asked what EDR stands for, and this was the answer: https://vexforum.com/showpost.php?p=364805&postcount=5 :slight_smile:

Game Design Committee

That seems too obvious. Surely in light of the EDR mystery, there must be more to this.

Girly Dance Consortium
Grave Divorce Counseling
GCC Derived Compiler
GDC Design Committee
Good Dog Charity
Greatly Dressed Cheetos
Gee-Wiz Drivers Club
Ghost Distress Cabin

I could go on… but honestly it stands for GLaDOS Devoured the Cake.


I think… I think you might be hot on the trail of something there!

So would that then be the Girly Dance Consortium Design Committee or the Ghost Distress Cabin Design Committee???

My math teacher always calls graphing display calculators GDCs

maybe Karthik is King of the calculators …

Keeping with the math idea, GDC could be Greatest Denominator of Commonality.

Karthik does have a degree in mathematics so he might be the king of calculators.

Karthik doesn’t need calculators.