What does it mean by a robot’s elevation

Hello I am here to ask about what is considered impeading on a robot’s elevation. In the added notes on the elevation rules, it states that you can’t intend on impeading on a robot’s elevation, but what does that mean? I feel there are two ways to take it in which one interprentation is contradictory to the intent of the elevation rules as well as limiting the strategy of the game(stopping someone who is moving to elevate, but hasn’t touched the bar) and another that doesn’t contradict the rules or limit the strategy at all(disturbing a person while they are hanging). If you can tell me what the interpretation of impeading on a robot’s elevation is, I’d appreciate it. Also recently my team got disqualified from the first contradictory interpretation so yeah I’m pretty salty about it. Thank you.

Impeding a robot’s elevation is when you contact the robot while it is contacting their alliance’s elevation bars or meeting the defenition of elevated.

If someone is moving to elevate, but is not touching the elevation bar, then they are not protected; opposing robots may play defense on them as they wish and prevent the opposing robot from elevating provided that they do not violate SG11a, c, or d.

If a team is hanging in the last 30 seconds and you touch them, their elevation bars, or their short barrier (in the last 15 seconds), then that is a violation.
If you do any of this before the last 30 seconds, it is legal and not a violation.

This added note was for the purpose of extending the protection for elevated/elevating robots. “Intending” is applied when the robots are elevated/touching the bars, not when the opposing robots are not considered in the process of elevating.
For example, let’s say you’re blue. The last 30 seconds begin, and the red robot is driving around the field, but not touching the elevation bars. It starts to move to elevate. You (blue) pushes the robot over into the match load zone and prevent it from elevating. This is legal.
Another example. The red robot is contacting the horizontal elevation bar. You put a bunch of triballs in front of it via matchloading. You push the triballs which pushes red off of the elevation bars. This is illegal.

Just so we can answer this, could you describe the situation you were in?


I got disqualified for doing just that lol

I blocked a person who was going to hang, but they did not touch the bar and my team instead of winning, got disqualified.