What does "Passive intake" mean?

I know this might be a dumb question, but what does the term “Passive intake” mean in robotics? I’ve seen it being used in multiple competitions over the years, so can someone please explain it?

Passive intake (vs. Active intake) has no motor or other power source to pull things in.


Oh Ok, so would sprockets/gears binded together using rubber minds in order to intake objects be considered a passive intake?

What would the intake in this video be considered?
Thank you VEX Tipping Point Ring Intake Test - 1469A

As long as they’re not directly or indirectly powered by a motor, sure!

The intake as shown definitely has a motor that causes the spinning, so it’s an active intake.

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An example of a passive intake this year would be a post to pick up rings. Spring-loaded latches hold the Rings up in such a way that the post can be pressed down on top of a ring to pick it up. You can place multiple Rings on the pole by pushing the post down on more. Then, you have a mechanism that releases those latches when you press the post on the PVC pole of a mobile goal.

As stated previously in this thread, the real qualification is that no motors are used. The rings can be used, picked up and dropped without the use of a motor.


This would be an example of a passive intake as it is not powered by motor to pick up the rings.


No, the intake is not passive, because both the conveyor belt and the depositor arm are powered by motors. This is a good example of an active intake, which uses motors/pneumatics to intake game elements. A better example of a passive intake would be a needle intake, seen here and here. Another less defined passive intake would be the ones used in ITZ, seen here (8059D only), here, and here.
Furthermore some teams like 12A & 12B and 9090C used semi-passive scoops to great success (the scoops used pneumatics to tilt them inwards for better sack retention, scoring, and de-scoring).


It means that is it able to function without power from the v5 control system or pneumatics.

Appreciate it everyone

Some passive intakes use pneumatics in order to score/descore, like with the scoops from sack attack and the needles we have seen in various years.

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