What does sp stand for?

I don’t know if this has been talked about before, but I have noticed that people call the “sp” different things. A couple I have heard are:
Strength points
Schedule points
Sportsmanship points
Score points
Is there a right answer? I feel like Sportsmanship points goes the best but I don’t really know. What do you use? I’m curious.

Sp stands for strength of schedule points.

Sportsmanship points doesn’t make sense. Unless scoring for your opponent is supposed to be the sportsmanship part? I don’t see that as sportsmanship personally.

Special Points is what we call them sometimes but it’s not the official expansion of this acronym. The official one is in the manual, which you should read, so I’m not going to tell you what it is.

OK, I just read the manual and it is strength of schedule points(which I don’t really understand). I figured that Sportsmanship points made the most sense until I realized that the amount of sp you get if you lose is your own which doesn’t seem to be much about sportsmanship.

Maybe strength of schedule is referring to the fact that If you are scheduled against a good team and you win, you deserve to be higher in the rankings. But if you win against a bad team you should still get points for winnings, but you should be lower in the rankings than someone who beat a much better team.

the Sp’s refer to how hard the opposition you faced was. They are calculated as the sum totally of the loosers score from all of your matches. The idea goes that, if you won, and your opponents scored a lot then you must have been good to beat them, if you loose, and you scored high, then you went down fighting so you get credit.

so this is supposed to give an edge to teams that won hard matches, or give credit to teams that went down fighting well.

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A way to increase your SP points are to score for the other team if you know you have won the match. This helps you get SP points and it is very important for tiebreakers.

SP also stands for speaker on the cortex port.

Also it should be mentioned that SPs DO NOT WORK*. Their intended purpose (which is what they’re named for) and their actual function are two entirely different things.

*Some seasons they sort of work, but they’re not the best solution. Some seasons they just don’t work at all.

Is SP’s the exact score of the losing team or is it calculated using a special formula?

Score of losing team.