what does your robot look like?

what does your robot look like? what does it do best? how does it work? and how well does it do?:smiley:

I pretty much only build drive trains! For some reason, once I’ve built the drive train I lose interest and take it apart.

My favorite drive train to build uses tank treads (duh!) and my favorite build so far has been a dual differential drive with tank treads. Absolutely mesmerizing to watch it run, I wish I had taken some video of it and maybe pictures too.

o… how menny timea did u take it apart?

I only built the dual differential drive once, so I only took it apart once too :slight_smile:

It was mesmerizing to watch, but there was a lot of gear slop and it was too easy for the gears to slip so the drive train was not as strong as the motors. But it sure drove perfectly straight!

thats cool:D