What does your robot weigh? DIET TIME!

So we had put our robot on a diet since our last match, and shed 2.3lbs. It’s weight was coming in at :o22.4lbs:eek: before the diet. Ordered some more parts this week to trim some more fat. We will wait till after this weekends match to do our phase 2 diet plan.

So whats is your Skyrise robot weighing in at?

First few designs came in at 24ish pounds. Now I’m hovering around 16 pounds

I’m not finished with my robot i still have my intake but I’m at 12 pounds with batteries and full tanks not that matters.

Haha, our will probably weigh around 30 ish pounds when we are done with it. So if yours is heavy, don’t worry. :smiley:

Ours has like 2 c chanles of steal for our brain holder the rest is lean and aluminum.

I am proud at how we built a 3 stage scissor lift with pure steel and still controlled the weight below 20 lbs! Our 160 rpm 4 motor mecanum drive is never tripped with a full battery, even when we strafe push cubes… We are so happy.

We used each single idea we can think of to reduce weight. Turned out steel is capable of playing skyrise. For sure.

We were screwing around with our drive and we can push me when in a chair (im 120) and it never over heats after a minute of this.

Not sure if I can believe this without a video :)…would love to see it!

my robot is around 30 pounds because the arm is all steel and it needs counterweight :confused:

Wow 30lbs. is definitely a heavy weight. Why not build your arm out of aluminum and shed a few pounds?

I’ll get a video of that as soon as posible don’t have another meeting till next thursday if they will let me do that again they got kind mad at me for doing it once.:stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds amazing. Reminds me of 7793R in toss up. That reveal video with robot pulling a person in the chair…

However I started thinking whether it is worth it to have a super strong base in skyrise. Check out this video:

The robot with 3 cube capacity has 2 motor drive geared down. They have 6 motors on lift and 2 on intake. Because there was no interaction, they did fine. But I still don’t know what will happen at end of season. In toss up robots started off being gentle, leaving the goal for opponents after stashing. But at worlds each match is a wrestle around goals. Maybe that will happen in skyrise.

we dont have much :stuck_out_tongue:

One of our robots is currently 13 pounds fully constructed. It can reach a height of about 4.5 feet and carry 2-3 cubes at a time and build the skyrise tower. It can construct all but the top section of the skyrise. It still has lots of modifications to be done, but I’m sure we will be under 15 lbs when all done.

Our other robot is not finished, but should only be a pound or two heavier.

Our robot weighs about 20 lbs. We’ve found that a dense, heavy base and an extremely light aluminum/polycarb lift and intake give the best balance. With 3 cubes in our intake raised up to 60 inches, I as a driver am physically unable to tip the robot using its own motor power (I have tried). While this is more weight than we’re usually comfortable using, we decided the sheer height and weight of the goals and objects, respectively, in this game make it necessary.

I’m going to guess that our current build which is in progress is around 20lbs and will be around 25-27lbs when done, but this is intentional and it has an 8 motor base. It will have a 2 motor pneumatic assisted lift and pneumatic skyrise and cube manipulator. The robot we took to Hawaii weighed in at 14 lbs and it is still intact.

When people saw our current robot in actionthe forst time they looked a bit like :eek:

So… currently our robot weighed in at 0lbs!!!
This may or may not be due to the fact that we are taking advantage of 4 or so month gap between competitions, and accordingly we are doing a complete rebuild and rethink of our robot from scratch.

Since I was probably cheating the question, our former robot would have weighed quite a bit with the counterweights, we always seemed too busy to weigh it. But if we had we would have weighed it in Kgs! :smiley:

Wow! That’s pretty heavy, is it pure steel? Ours is, by the numbers, 10 lb base, 6lb arm, and 2 lb intake (roughly 18-19lbs total)

Also, how do you envision your pnuematic-assisted lift to work? honestly it seems far fetched to use pneumatics for that many things given that only two tanks are allowed this year.

Well Good luck with the build, hope to see you at a competition or two later!

Well since Vex is Headquartered in AMERICA:D, and is an AMERICAN company:cool: we use the standard system here on the forum, not the metric.:p:p LOL

You will probably see a modified version of our lighter summer games robot at Prosper if you go there, but hopefully we will have the heavier one done by Lake Highlands or at least McKinney. We are signed up for a bunch so you will see it. I am sure Mr. Meusa will tell you if he thinks we (4080A) can pull it off. :wink:

We have an all steel base and will use all aluminum for the lift. It probably won’t be the highest scoring robot at the competitions but it has some remarkable features which will be remembered. We have another lightweight robot that does primarily skyrise pieces in the works as well.