What does your robot weigh

I’m working on some competition planning and I need some information from you. How much does your robot weigh? Can you also included the kind of robot it is (conveyor, arm place, shooter, etc). Please weigh it with the battery in. Weight to the nearest pound is fine, but I’d like to have a real weight, not a “well I picked up the cat and then the robot and they weigh the same, about 15 lbs”

Thanks very much for your help!

I personally am working on a robot for the ASME student design challenge, and it weighs 1825 grams. I have tank treads with some ruberized links and conveyor pieces (small and medium ones) interspersed so that I can climb the bariers, and a 1 DOF arm with the gripper from the VEXPlorer on the end. My camera’s jacked up right now, so I can’t post pictures. My robot has size requirements that are very small. It has to fit inside (and it does, barely) a container that is 165mm x 165mm x 370mm. These are the dimensions that are used int he contest, so you can convert them to something you’re more farmiliar with. I don’t know if you are trying to get a benchmark weight or something of that nature, nor if my particular example is helpful in that regard. My weight in grams of the device gets subtracted from my score in points for this contest.

some further points: the metal frame of the robot is about 35% of its weight, and the motors and batteries are the heaviest components next to that. On this forum there are actually weight specs for a bunch of the parts that someone posted in reply to a thread I started about the weight of aluminum parts. You shoudl check that one out too because it could be helpful in seeing where your weight really is on the robot.



Are we scouting for Worlds here? The only one of our robots that has been weighed was our grandfather robot (Zippy) that came out to seven pounds without the battery.

575 and 418 would both be a little more than that – maybe nine pounds.

419 is a different chassis design that should be 10 or 12.

417 is starting their new robot tonight. They are doing another Zippy child, so I would expect 417 to be less than 10 pounds.

420 is not currently scheduled to compete in Dallas, but their new robot should also be in the 10-pound class. They are hoping to get in off the waiting list.

I would be happy to post more accurate numbers if I can find a scale somewhere around here.

Foster --> your turn!

I compared ours to the team dog, and its about 9000 lbs.

Careful, my robot will eat your dog…

If 254F hasn’t already shot it with a cube.

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