What drivetrain is this?

Any idea what kind of drivetrain does this robot use? Looks like it’s chained from one wheel to another (which would be 1:1) but it looks faster than a 1:1 gear ratio. I would really appreciate any help.

It looks like 1:1 to me, but there may be an upspeed from the motor to the first sprocket. It looks pretty fast. You might want to look at Ben Lippers robot, it looks like the same base.

Ben Lipper’s robot has a third sprocket placed in higher position. This one is totally different.

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It’s way too fast to be a 1:1 (try driving one at full speed). I’d guess it’s 1:2. I see where you’re coming from though; I think they geared it up with gears and then just chained the sprockets together, and you just can’t see the gears.

As one of the co-designers of Ben Lipper’s robot, I can confirm that you can make a high climbing catapult with the three sprocket “triangle” and a 2:3 ratio. Both ways work though. It’s just my preferred method to do just the chain because in my opinion it has less friction.


If you’re coding, that would constitute a 2-motor drivetrain. Or if you want to,. you can just make them two separate motors and create a function.