What exactly is VEX PROS?

So I was downloading VEX Coding Studio onto my PC last night when I came across something called PROS that says that it is a different version of C that is compatible with V5. My questions are, what is a quick overview of it, is it better than the coding studio, and if I were to use it, can it be directly downloaded into the brain or would I have to download other programs for adaptation purposes?

PROS stands for PROS Robotic Operating System. It was developed by VEX students, unlike Robot Mesh Studios. I believe it is a harder language, but it is better than VCS.
Edit: You don’t need to download anything on the brain in order to use it. You also don’t need an adapter.


(I didn’t mean to reply to @IsANerd, whoops)

It is much better than VCS. You really shouldn’t be using VCS anyway; it hasn’t been updated since its initial launch almost a year ago and VexCode uses the exact same API. You can even import VCS projects into VexCode. Here is a good resource comparing the different environments. I personally feel that it greatly overstates the difficulty of PROS. After all, it’s still C++, just like VCS, VexCode, and RMS (mostly).

If you are still interested in PROS, I would recommend you check out their getting started guide here. You don’t need to do anything special on the brain, it uploads programs just as easily as VCS.


How does VexCode compare with VCS and PROS? Would learning it make it any easier to switch from VCS to PROS?

VexCode is basically VCS with an editor that isn’t a pile of trash. All the code is identical, so I wouldn’t really say it makes transitioning easier. It does make the programming experience much better though.