What happend if the morter blinks red

Its because it is unable to charge

IQ or V5 please specify.


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VEXCode VR Support Tag? Is there any VEXCode VR robot that can blink red? Do you mean V5?

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Ashly its because of the 8 port became bad instead because without the battery or if the battery cant charge then there would be no power going through V5

Its a v5 codding Let me know if yall have any question sorry for no details

the motor is blinking it’s because of how there is no power going through but just a little is and it could be a cord or the brain. If it’s the cord then replace, it if it’s not the problem then it’s the brain.

If you have all those soulutions why not you try it out first instaed if asking vex fourm first. I am a IQ kid so I know notting about V5.

If the motor is faintly blinking red, there’s a pretty good chance it’s just a bad cord. Typically, from what I’ve experienced, if it’s the port on the brain that went bad, you won’t get any light at all, so I’d suggest getting a new, working cord, and trying that out, and if it’s still not working properly, then look into using a different port.

@DRow can we get this moved into the v5 section?

Hang on guys… I think he is trying to give us advice on what to do if we are facing a certain issue, not asking a question.
If that is the case @Little_Joey, we appreciate the thought. However, this type of advice is better if given to someone who is asking a question, not just thrown out there.


Ok it is true that if its blinking its because of a bad cord or bad brain either way

I’ve actually noticed that whenever a port goes bad, the motor attached to it will very faintly blink red. it’s pretty hard to notice because it’s so faint and so brief.


that is right
if it was so faint you won’t be able to see it though


You should probably run.

Sorry, couldn’t stop myself



Its a problem if it was the brain then it could have been the battery not doing the job and not getting enough power to it

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