What happened to C++ explanations on STEM Labs?

When using the STEM Labs this week, we noticed that only block programming was shown on the STEM Labs. Is the C++ programming that was there before available somewhere else? What was the rationale for removing it?

Most of the lanugages used to program vex are C++. It used to be Vex Coding Studio, and now it is Vexcode, both are C++, except for the fact that they use different platforms.

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I think an more accurate explanation is (and the great teams at VEX and Robotmatter can correct this interpretation):

  • VCS was discontinued
  • VEXcode was released for V5 Blocks - for a lot of platforms
  • Robomatter and VEX were working on completely revamping STEM Labs to use new VEXCode
  • Training/Certification was pulled offline to retune it with the new STEM Labs and should be back online by end of month
  • Continued work to harden VEXcode V5 Blocks and Text (aka c++) for all platforms
  • support for Windows, MacOS, iPadOS, and Chromebook (android tabs in the future)
  • support for English, Spanish, and Mandarin (subtitles) for all in-app tutorials
  • consistent example code …

Help.vex.com reorganized for better UX

This is a huge body of work - despite my misgivings on how it is deployed, the development teams have been there communicating where they are at, not over promising, and hitting deadlines to support teams, students, teachers, …

Impressive and on target.


I understand. I am asking about the STEM Lab modules themselves. They have been altered to only include the block programming examples rather than examples of block and C++, and I wondered why. I also wondered if those examples had been moved elsewhere for viewing.

ARe you refering to the ones about Vex Coding Studio, because they’ve been removed.

I guess so. Are there now examples from Vexcode? If not, are they coming? Thanks

Simple explanation is that Blocks is the low hanging fruit - the people using STEM Labs are primarily going to use Blocks initially.

We might see Text added later.

VCS tried to do everything - VEXcode is focused on one thing at one time. I think the latter is a good approach. The VEXCode has dealt first with the near term needs of competition teams. Now they are circling back to support schools and novice teams.

Ambitious and competently executed… Bumpy for us on the outside… but good!

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Thank you for this explanation. We will be looking for it soon after the end of the month.

You are welcome! As an educator with new colleagues coming onboard a lot is changing quickly. Probably faster than any educator would wish, but I hope after this switch over and a lot of feedback, the process will be smoother in the future (well at least smooth until I retire … :slight_smile: )

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