What happened to Lib7842?

Their docs website looks incredible:Pure Pursuit - 7842F Journal

but nothing can be found about it. Is the project abandoned?

not released for good


I just kind of wanted to see their approach to move_to_point and pure pursuit on a non-holonomic drive train, oh well. Off to develop my own thing lol.

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hey look its me

20 char

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Kind of related but what happened to their old website? I remember seeing it online during the Tower Takeover season, and it’s a shame such a nice-looking site is gone.

I linked it in my original post. It is very cool!

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They had a full-on website in the past. The site you linked is just their programming journal

Released! Lib7842 public code release

My full website was indeed super nice, but I just stopped maintaining the server and didn’t renew the domain. Got discouraged after it didn’t get finalists over a wix template despite all my work. Have it in a backup somewhere, would take a lot of work to get running again.