What happened? Were we hacked?

What is the severity of the situation? I recommend no one goes to SAS444,com


Same here. I don’t think it was a hack, I think someone just joined the forum and is spamming advertisements so someone will go to the website. DO NOT GO TO THAT WEBSITE! It is probably a scam and collects personal info.

Half the posts are from you for some reason

Yeah I was just about to say that lol

Ayy I just really hate when people do stuff like this. I mean come on! there are middle school students who use this forum! I’ll stop talking about it too much though. It will get taken care of.

Speak of the devil… Thx for deleting those posts.

No worries. Every so often a spam account will slip through the cracks and be accidentally approved. I’ve banned the account, and deleted all of its posts.

@DRow Coming in clutch with the ban hammer

Great. Thank you.