What happens if showcase events don’t fill?


I was wondering what will happen if the showcase events don’t fill. Most of them are under fifty percent capacity. I remember a while ago, that they said that they might open up spots to more than 2 teams per organization. I would much rather have an event with 20 competitive teams than 40 not as competitive teams. I am worried, local school will start registering all of there teams (which won’t be as good as they were third pick) and the events will be less competitive. What are your thoughts on this?

I think that opening it up to say 4 teams per org is not a bad Idea, while the ideal situation is to have a full tournament of very competitive teams that is also very hard to do. I think if the team wants to compete and has the money to do so then they should be allowed to.


The problem that a lot of showcase events are having is that people aren’t signing up at all. So they need to open it up to more then two teams from each school just to reach the lower limit of teams.

Showcase EP here. At least 4 weeks before the event, the 2-team limit will be lifted. Additionally, Grade Levels will be merged if there are fewer than 24 teams. The EP will decide to cancel the event if it’s too small, however, if they run it, the Excellence Award will qualify teams to Worlds regardless of the number of teams registered.

Looking at registration, I think all the grade levels will merge. My VRC event has 32 teams right now, which is plenty big to run. Space City is a similar size, as is Mid-Atlantic.

I would say if you are concerned about it, reach out to the EP to see what their threshold for canceling is.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that, as most events are $200+ a team


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