What Happens To Worlds Spots When Teams Don’t Register


I couldn’t find anything in the qualifying criteria about this, or anything official. I noticed that of the 10 Kansas teams who qualified for Worlds, only 5 have signed up. Does anyone know what happens to the remaining 5 spots if those teams don’t register? Are they given to the global skills list, the Kansas skills list, or not given at all?

Thanks in advanced

They place automatically generated clawbots in the fields.


I don’t think any of this spots go to the global skills list. Well, at least not for the international teams.

Most likely all these spots are given to the waitlist.

I might be wrong though.


They’ll be waitlist spots.


I agree with @OscarMNOVA12 - spots will come from the waitlist. Its the most efficient way, since those teams have indicated interest. Now HOW they come of the waitlist is a mystery. Surely RECF is using some objective standard to issue invitations. As of this note, there are over 300 waitlisted teams and 45 spots available. Odds are getting slim if you are hoping to get to worlds this way.

Nope, I think it’s just random. Some rumors have said that it’s random based on skills groupings (e.g. they pick 2 teams from ranks 400-500), which is just random with extra steps.

Oh my, what a loss of fundraising opportunity!!! can’t it go to highest bidders?


Worlds winner should just be the highest bidder IMO


Think most probably proximity will be a factor.


So then just like the other sports (Baseball, auto racing, football, football, curling, etc.)


sorry I suggested it :slight_smile:

@meng not wrong with suggesting logistics is a factor… and NO not at highest bidder @foster knows.

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