What happens when a motor's velocity is set to over 100%?

What happens when a motor’s velocity is set via programming to over 100%? In our experience, the motor spins at 100%, which is fine. That fits with what we want our code to do, but we would like confirmation that this is how programming the motors does indeed work.

Does the same apply for programming one to spin at a value larger than -100% (e.g. -150%) as well? Will it spin at -100%?


Hi HawaiiThad,

You are correct, there are no problems with having your program set an “out of range” value like 105% of motor speed.

Both ROBOTC and Modkit for VEX have built-in error checking in their functions that cap the inputted values to their physical limits, so setting a percentage speed value of 105% will be capped to 100%, or -200% will get capped to -100%.


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This is correct; when a motor is given a value greater than 100 (or less than -100) in ROBOTC, the value will simply be corrected to a ±100 value; giving a motor a power level of +200, for instance, will not double the motor’s speed (but instead will make it move at the same speed as a power level of +100).