What happens when you get V5

My school’s season is over for everyone. We are sorting things for next year and we realized that we still have a ton of cortex items. We wanted to either trade them in or throw them away, but then we realized that we do not have enough V5 sets next year for all the teams so we have to keep the cortex. However, we do not want to sort it all out so we have come up with a solution.
We simply just dumped all of our cortex technology in a random bin.
Please reply and tell me what you did.


Only half our teams (our U-team and 2 VRC teams) were able to get V5 before the ordering freeze. The other half still use Cortex, until next season. Even after all our competition teams have switched to V5, we’ll probably continue to use our Cortex-based bots for our public demo at the fair and other events, where we let everyone drive ruggedized clawbots. We won’t be buying any new cortex stuff, but we’ll drive what we have until it’s dead.

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Dumped it all in a bin. When people started putting out SOSs for motors or other stuff, we sent it them. Now the bin is less full and the rest will probably get thrown away soon. Not a lot of stuff left.

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I think we are going to use it for classes and stuff and save V5 for the robots.

I know my team sold most of our parts to other teams that didn’t have V5 yet since we all got V5. So basically donations

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Hey, instead of throwing them away, I could take them off your hands. Getting a cortex to work over the summer and I’d be happy with any bits.

But yeah my school gave away almost all of our cortex stuff left after the trade in to new robotics programs in the area.

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We put all of our legacy gear into the boxes that the V5 stuff came in. Also, even if you guys have V5 for everyone, keep some old gear because you never know when you might want to use legacy in order to get more motors in comps.

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We saved all of our stuff in a box in case V5 didn’t show up. We were one of the lucky teams, getting our V5 kit in November.

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Let me see what I have. I know i dont have anymore cortexes. Most batteries, motors and motor controllers are also gone. I pretty much have dregs left.


I’d also take a cortex off your hands if need be.

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*or any other parts

I might pay.|

We just bought extra boxes to put our V5 stuff in; our team is planning to use V5 for competition and Cortex for side projects.

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@JoshyB, please don’t throw away the legacy parts - there is still a lot of useful life left in them.

You can use them for the side projects or you could donate them to a charity. For example, see this post from @Karthik

I bet if enough teams contact him about legacy hardware he could help you to find great new home for the parts either overseas or in your own state.


I use my cortex gear because I don’t have v5.



Save some of legacy stuff for demonstrations and class stuff, but trade some of it in for V5 for competition.