What happens when you say you use grease on your robot?

During inspection, one of the questions the inspectors ask you is if you use grease. I know that certain types of grease are legal, so if you say yes, what happens? Do they ask what kind of grease you use? How do you answer that?

The short answer is: honestly.

The rules say you can use a little non aerosol based grease. So as you’re building a robot be cognizant of the rules. And then answer questions honestly at inspection.

if you use grease that isn’t legal, this is the perfect time to clean it up, and then use the correct grease.


Read R7-b in the game manual https://www.roboticseducation.org/resources_library/vrc-tower-takeover-game-manual/. The inspector is checking that you used legal grease, applied in a legal manner.


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