What happens when your robot falls in autonomous?

What would happen if your robot is pushed over and fallen by the opposing teams robot in autonomous? Are you allowed to pick it up?

I wouldn’t think so. The rules state that you are responsible for your robot’s actions, even in autonomous. I suggest you come up with a strategy that does not involve your robot extending so tall, that it is at risk of falling.

The rules are unambiguous on when you can touch the robot. You should probably review them.

What happens is your robot starts driver control in that position. You may not touch it. If it is possible for your robot to get up on its own, you can do that. You most certainly can’t touch it.

If you cannot get up on your own, it is possible and allowable for your alliance partner to use their robot to set you up.

If the way in which you were knocked over was not in violation of any rules, it is quite possible your robot will be in violation of the rules because of extending beyond 36 inches horizontally and if that becomes match affecting because it blocks off enough scoring potential for the other alliance and your alliance wins on points, it could be a DQ for you.

Additionally, if your robot was knocked over due to something done illegally by the other team, and your team loses, and it was determined that it was match affecting (most likely it would be) then the team that knocked you down could be DQed.

If a DQ happens in eliminations, then it is a loss for the DQed alliance.

*Entire alliance, there’s a difference between a team and an alliance. I’m sure you meant that anyway though.