What Happens When You're Qualified For States More Than Once?

What happens if you get qualified for states more than once. We have won middle school excellence award and a tournament today!!! HUGE shout out to team 8000E and 4768D!!! http://www.robotevents.com/re-vrc-15-3736.html

I believe what happens is that they then pull a team from skills, for example, if there are 10 state qualifications that go to teams who are already qualified, then they will give the top 5 teams from each of the skills list into the state competition

If you want to go blind reading all the nitty-gritty of how qualifying slots are allocated, etc, then I believe this is the document to make that happen:

Generally speaking, however, I think Collin is right. If there are redundancies in who qualifies, then the officials go down the skills scores, alternating programming and driver skills for their picks.

So qualifying for states twice changes nothing?

Well, in the spirit of fairness, it wouldn’t make much sense to have one team take up 2 qualification spots now would it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well other than that, they should reward you. But then again Vex is its own reward.

I could be wrong but as I understand it, you can qualify once for states or you can qualify a hundred times, but in the end it makes no difference: you get one slot and one slot only. If a few really good teams end up hogging all the states-qualifying awards, then the state officials must use the state skills scores to invite other people to the states tournament until all the state slots are filled. Cry if you must, but try to be happy you’re getting more awards.

We got the first spot out of 15 at our states which is in February. I will cry and be happy for my awards and be thankful for my IQ of 152

Congratulations are your excellent performance. (I hope the IQ you’re quoting didn’t come from one of those internet sites. There was an embarrassing situation at the school where kids were bragging about their enormous IQs as tested on some internet site. Turns out the site was a fake and “tested” everyone who took their on-line test as having a high IQ. It turned out to be testing more of a GQ (Gullibility Quotient) than an IQ.)

Nope it was a real test. Not on the internet. My parents always told me “NEVER TRUST THE INTERNET”.

One of my teams has already “taken” 6 state spots from being tournament champions, excellence award, programming skills champs, robot skills champs at two different competitions and my other team has “taken” 3 spots. As a coach I honestly feel a bit awkward about “taking” all those spots. So I was sure to go around to other coaches at our last competition and encourage them to do the skills competitions (many teams don’t even try). I did my best to explain that all of the “extra” state qualification spots would be handed out via the state skills rankings and often times even a relatively low score will get you to state. It’s all about making the effort.

We have been to two competitions . One high school tournament (middle school excellence award), and a middle school tournament (tournament champion). This year my focus is winning states. I want to have a comeback at a team that purposely tore our wires out of our cortex during semifinals last year.

Who tore the wires out of your cortex?

Some team with red shirts poked our cortex with their claw and the referees did not want to hear it.

You should probably design your robot so poking it doesn’t break it.

Wow! I wish I had awards and an IQ of 152. I think my parents dropped me when I was a baby so I’m not sure I can achieve as high as an IQ as you have.

That was last year, our robots are different now. I am sorry your parents took away your amazing IQ when you were a baby.

Let’s keep things mature here, and realize that success in VEX is purely perspective. Success in one region may be much different than success in another. Some regions are harder than others. Not only that, everyone has their own goals. For some, it’s learning, for some, it’s winning. We need to respect these goals, and not turn to something petty, and honestly what is quite an artificial measurement of intelligence (IQ) to insult somebody else.

For clarification, we were talking about IQ’s for a good laugh and we were not being serious. That was not meant to be an insult again it was for laughs.

Well some of the spots also disappear, they will never be given out. Although most of them are given out to skills like you said. It depends on the state.