What... how?

So we were testing and this happened.

Comments anyone?

That’s pretty sweet :smiley:

Were you doing driver skills, or programming skills?

Are you in some kind of warehouse? O_o

Awesome :smiley:

And maybe it’s just me but it looks like you guys have your field set up in a prison :stuck_out_tongue:

Programming skills, and anyone notice how it was able to tip up our 20~ pound robot??
Godzilla, our school let us use their very dirty sports supply closet for a field setup.

This was programming skills.

Also the room we are in is the athletic storage room at our school. It is the only room that they let us keep the field set up in. It is convenient, despite the concrete floors and the complete lack of windows.

I have been in here from when school ended to about 9 or 10 for the past week, as we are packing up the robot Saturday.

Yes I did notice that :smiley:

That happened a lot to our bot when we were scoring in the 30". Our arm needed to come down a little bit to successfully score, but sometimes it went down to much, and the intake ends up in the goal, pushing the robot back.

Nice bot bye the way :wink:

Wow. I love when random, unlikely things happen on the field, like the time our robot tried to score in our 20" goal and the ball accidentally bounced into the opposite 20" goal…

Lol sports room? Doesn’t it stink in there?

Oh and I suggest that you just measure all your distances before you pack up your robot. Program later on the flight or something. Mainly you need to get the values from your robot then the rest is plugging in and testing and making sure the order is correct.

Sports supply room, so it doesn’t smell.

You probably couldn’t do that again if you tried. :stuck_out_tongue:

Concrete floors and no windows…

Athletic storage room is their way of saying it used to be a prison. :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: haha its very dirty so it could have been. (I hate being near dirty things…)