What Human Interaction is Allowed in Programming Skills?

The Turning Point Appendix B says:

What does “limited human interaction” during programming skills mean? I cannot find any clarification in the document or anywhere else.

I think it means that, save for the obvious placing on the robot, turning it on, etc., you can’t mess with it during the routine.

I’m willing to bet that what @Got a Screw Loose said is right, you can only place it and turn it on, but not interact with it during it’s routine. and good luck at your competition tomorrow by the way.


Please see Q&A related to handling robot.

For some reason I thought you could reposition your robot in certain ways during programming skills, but apparently not. By the way, @Xenon only team 687C is going tomorrow, so I won’t be there.

In the old days, Toss Up and earlier, yes you could. Also, in IQ you still can. But not in VRC anymore.

ah ok.

and even then within limits - my novice team thought you could bend pieces on the robot when repositioning it. Oops.