What if vex did battlebots

So one of my previous comments on vex 2020-2021 unofficial game thread got me thinking. What if vex actually did battlebots. What do u think the meta/metas would be, would there be on field dangers like sawblades, how would they do tournaments (such as have one centralized location and everyone goes there to qualify for a state competition or would there be different comps state wide u go to).

The meta would be lifter bots or maybe flippers, because the motors don’t have enough power to do any real damage to the VEX aluminum or steel. See attached link for proof. (A janky 600rpm 1 motor tombstone built in like 10 minutes)


Here ima change this up. What if vex made a league for battle bots. Like made parts just for battlebots.

Try Battlebots IQ then. A league for high-school / college students with 15 pound battlebots. I think it’s still active


I actually participate in this and it still active. Well In PA it’s still is at least


And starting up in Northern California. We are hosting a competition this coming weekend (10 teams, reg started with a different process).