What if......Vex doesn’t have a limit on motors🤔

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VEXU be like:


How many posts do you want to post in one day


Exactly my thought… using the search bar would’ve eliminated all his doubts


This isn’t even a necessary thread. I understand you have a lot of questions and are really enjoying vex, (I am too don’t worry, everyone is) but please condense your questions in to already made threads.


The v5 brain does have a physical limit on how many motors it can handle at once. Anywhere past 12 motors running at once will severely hinder your motor performance. Additionally, 2000 RPM has such little torque and is so unnecessary that even if the amount of motors one could use was theoretically infinite, no one would seriously make one for competition. 2000RPM is around 419 ft/sec on 4 inch wheels, so unless you need to traverse the field in .03 seconds there isn’t a need for it. Finally, like I mentioned before, you would have such little torque that it would probably take you a good portion of a minute to reach top speed, and you would probably burn out then either way.


I think this guy is posting more than I do, and THATS a serious accomplishment (edit: not a good thing). if you’re going to post a lot, at least put some of the less serious topics in the chit chat category. at least it’ll kind of fit there.

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