What if?

(Elimination) What if a robot on Blue alliance decides to sabotage their own team by going into the goal zone and knocking over the stack and or taking out the alliance placed cube in the tower, and it is match affecting. First of all its against G1 but not SG3 because its their own goal zone. Which team would win? Red because they didn’t do anything wrong or the other blue because it was match affecting to their win?

Can you explain the scenario a little more. I don’t really understand what you’re saying. What type of sabotage? And why would a team want to sabotage itself?

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Sadly, I’ve seen alliances sabotage themselves so their sister team would win.

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If the blue robot is DQ’d for this, red would still win and blue would still lose.

The blue robot who was DQ’d would receive zero SP’s and AP’s, while their partner would be treated the same as if there was no DQ (they get their score as SP’s and get 6 AP’s if they won autonomous).


Why would blue knock over their own stack?

No, the question is during eliminations, not qualifying rounds. So the rules about SPs and APs do not matter. If a team is DQed during elims, the entire alliance is DQed and they lose. Better hope one of my teams never tries that!


VEX has said several years ago that if this happens at Worlds, they will not only DQ the offending team from Worlds, but they will also do the same to the team they were trying to help.

If this happens at another event, I assume the offending team would at the very least be DQ’d from the event, and I would suppose they may also be banned from competing at Worlds (or the rest of the season).

I would prefer not to severely punish the team who was being helped, unless they were in on it, but I would be okay with just reversing the positive effect of the illegal help they received.

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Oh, OK. I didn’t notice that.

In either case, I would be in favor of having the match be replayed if at all possible.

If it looked like it might be intentional, I would investigate further, and if it turned out it really was intentional, I would punish the offending team and anyone else who was in on it.

Personally, I’d let it slide, give the team the “L” and let their coach deal with it. It is really hard to determine/prove intent. I think a team that intentionally loses damages their own reputation and shows poor sportsmanship.


I don’t think there are any good ways to stop this other than the fact that you wouldn’t win.

Though this doesn’t apply for the lowest level competitions since you have multiple of those and might want to get another team who isn’t yet qualified for states to win. Though at states it is possible a team already qualified for Worlds or Nationals and wants another to qualify.

At Worlds, if your there with another team, and want one of you to get as high as possible sabotaging your alliance would help be cause the best alliance would already win. Unless the other alliance has something like a wallbot, which they couldn’t deploy this match, but is very effective most other rounds and thus has a high chance of winning. It could also be that the driver doesn’t like his team, but then why is he: on that team, in vex, or especially the driver.

Also you wouldn’t have to make it so obvious. You could just play worse or ever ‘accidetly’ use a discharged battery. Also also at Worlds they try to put that know each other in different divisions.

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Why are you asking this question? I will give you what I think. If blue takes out their own tower then red would win, if blue takes out reds tower red wins because that one team/robot would get disqualified from the match and probably the rest of the tournament and maybe for the rest of Tower Takeover.

They must be jerks if they sabotage their own team.

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If a team throws a elim match both alliances involved (if they told the other team) are eliminated and whoever they beat plays. Either this or whoever alliance who knocked over the stack is eliminated… Basically pick your allies better

I’ve seen this happen at the state championship, only thing is…nothing was done.

It would disqualify the saboteur from the competition

Also, please retitle this thread.

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